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Liebe sucht Alien

вторник, 9 ноября 2010 г.

Entry for Audi comic contest


Stage and screaming crowd of fans began faiding away & instead of that thousands of lights blinded Tom & Bill. All inscriptions on luminescent billboards where complited with characters(hieroglyphs), they were in the city of their dream - in Tokyo. Being so shocked & even without reducing the speed they shooted down the street wondering as they haven`t hurt no one.
- Wow!-said Bill and Tom together... before Britzel

The next moment they have appeared on native streets of Hamburg.
-Look, what is that?- said Bill
- I have no idea, but it seems that we gonna bumb into this people, if we don`t turn aside immediately!-screamed Tom
-That is time to show all your skills, bro! Do something!! Does this horrible nightmare have a damn end?
-Ha, the horror is gonna be if we don`t get to our show in time! BTW, about horror did you noticed that people are making some movie there & that dude looks a lot like you, Bill! 0.o
-What! No,he is terrible, he can`t be me! 0.o
Nevertheless in the last moment they have taken control under the car and successfully passed by film set and the last thing they have heard was " Cut 12. Scene 5. "Wir schreiben uns in die Ewigkeit. Tokio Hotel. the history of success."..Britzel...

Tom & Bill didn`t get to their gig again instead of that they are crossing the huge field which spreads till the horizon, sun is shining, air is filled with dust so it`s hard to breath but not for boys. Tom touched dashboard to switch on climate control...
-And what the hell is that grey button?-was his thought before pushing it. And wonder happened that moment: little panel opened & there was hidden touch-sensitive screen where current date, time & location where shown.
-Bingo!-screamed he - Bill, i`ve found how...Bill?!

Meanwhile Bill decided to get as much as possible from the situation, he went nearly maximum speed(where could you find such an ideal place for race like this, where there are no traffic lights & pedestrians)...& Britzel...

So when Tom wanted to tell Bill what was going on & how to deal with that, his little brother suddenly disappeared...
-Damn, where should i find him now?!-screamed he in emptiness, moving in time to their (Tokio Hotel) show & not being able to change anything...

Meanwhile Bill appears in unknown place driving directly to crowd standing in front of red carpet near huge building. He sadly noticed that speed is slowly reducing...
-Oh now...Why me?-was the only thought in his head when he saw flashing light which showed that gasoline was already over...So the car stopped right before the crowd.
He didn't understand at all what was going on, when bodyguard opened the door of the car taking him out.
-Bill, finally you are here, we all were waiting only for you!-he said
And the crowd around was shouting out "Bill! Bill! Bill!" Bodyguard led Bill inside the venue. They were inside right that time when host invited Tokio Hotel to the stage to take their Grammy & Bill had no other choice than to go to the stage where the rest of his band was already waiting for him. Totally not believing that it's happening to him, hardly finding gratitude words he was finally holding in his hands the most desirable award.
-Thank you all so much! It`s really unbelievable...but guys, i`m really sorry, unfortunately i have to go...-said Bill, with award running out of venue leaving the whole audience in shock. When finally he was outside, he saw his car on the parking lot. There was a man standing near the car, who filled the petrol tank with gasoline. Bill had run to him.
-Hey man! I`m in hurry, is everything ok with my car? Can i go right now?-asked Bill.
-Yeah, it`s totally ok, i poured gasoline so you can go now. BTW where have you got this car? It`s amazing!-said man, pointing at opened little panel with touch-sensitive screen with date, time & location on it...
-Holy cow! Thank you, dude, you have rescued me! But still I have to go now-said Bill jumping in the car & starting the engine...
On a maximum speed he left territory of the venue and finally
Screams have stunned him and finally Bill has found himself in front of the stage. He was in time on their show.
-Where the hell were you driving! I thought i`ll never see u again, bro!-Tom screamed at him, pulling Bill out of the car and dragging him to the stage to start the show.
-Hehe, i have been in not so far future, i hope - said Bill,- & I have some souvenir, it`s in the car - added he winking. Tom, Gustav & Georg stared at him in shock. Then they rushed to the car to take a look what meant Bill. And there was no limit to their surprise when they saw the award, but the only thing that left for them was to hope that they really would take it in the future.
The show that they played that evening was almost the best show ever...

So what about cars? Left alone they winked their lights & on the touch-sensitive screens was the only inscription "Dream technologies. All your dreams come true with Audi A1"...

воскресенье, 15 августа 2010 г.

5 years Durch den Monsun

Leb' deine Träume dann gehört dir die Welt!
Du weißt ganz alleine was dir gefällt
Leb' deine Träume!..

Today we want to send best wishes to the best band of the whole Universe ever. So our greets to this Fantastic Four - to Tokio Hotel! They have fulfilled their common dream into life & now since 5 years we can bravely look back & see how much they've made for us, how they have changed, what they've gone through & how much they have reached. Inspite of this there are undisclosed horizons in front of them & there are no limits for their creativity, as the sky is not the limit, if there are footprints on the moon. - moon.png
We wish you good luck guys, may your creative way be long & successful, and may it lift you only higher and higher and may you never fall down. We wish love that you generously share with your fans turn back to you many more times. So please never give up, we will never get over your music=))
Bill, Tom, Georg, Gustav, Happy R-o-c-k-i-n-g 5 Years to Tokio Hotel! \m/
You guys make us be really proud to be fans of such great band!!!
Truly yours, we=)

Our little presents^^

воскресенье, 1 августа 2010 г.


Soooo, today is 4 years since we`ve started to listen to Tokio Hotel...We have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand there were a lot of things that we don't even want to remember, and we have found out a lot of shit(it's not connected with the band itself, but it concerns many fans unfortunately), we have learned a life somehow...But on the other hand...We can`t say that were the happiest time in our lifes, but definately there were some special moments & nice things that are worth to remember & to get through...That were long 4 years of struggle sometimes, with a drop of disappointment (to be honest there was a rain of disappointment) but even after the rain always comes the sun (one the biggest highlight was one(and the only for us)concer of Humanoid City Tour <3)so here it was the same.Ja, sometimes we`ve even regreted about being a part of all this (partly coz of our attempts to change something for better), but nevertheless we`ve never regreted that we`ve not done with this. Now when we look back we understand that if there had been a chance to face it again we would have repeated all this road again... You have just live ur life & regret nothing coz anyway u can`t change anything...Apart from this, when u look back u understand that everything was made for better, even if you haven't seen nothing positive in that situation... We think that we have learned a lot and changed a lot too, and maybe the most important thing that we have studied is to be more patient, coz sometimes u can't force smth to happen, as there are many things in the world that don't depend on you (trust ur fate)...
All in all, let the countdown start again and let's take a look what fifth year may come...;)
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