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Liebe sucht Alien

воскресенье, 1 августа 2010 г.


Soooo, today is 4 years since we`ve started to listen to Tokio Hotel...We have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand there were a lot of things that we don't even want to remember, and we have found out a lot of shit(it's not connected with the band itself, but it concerns many fans unfortunately), we have learned a life somehow...But on the other hand...We can`t say that were the happiest time in our lifes, but definately there were some special moments & nice things that are worth to remember & to get through...That were long 4 years of struggle sometimes, with a drop of disappointment (to be honest there was a rain of disappointment) but even after the rain always comes the sun (one the biggest highlight was one(and the only for us)concer of Humanoid City Tour <3)so here it was the same.Ja, sometimes we`ve even regreted about being a part of all this (partly coz of our attempts to change something for better), but nevertheless we`ve never regreted that we`ve not done with this. Now when we look back we understand that if there had been a chance to face it again we would have repeated all this road again... You have just live ur life & regret nothing coz anyway u can`t change anything...Apart from this, when u look back u understand that everything was made for better, even if you haven't seen nothing positive in that situation... We think that we have learned a lot and changed a lot too, and maybe the most important thing that we have studied is to be more patient, coz sometimes u can't force smth to happen, as there are many things in the world that don't depend on you (trust ur fate)...
All in all, let the countdown start again and let's take a look what fifth year may come...;)

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