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Liebe sucht Alien

понедельник, 15 августа 2011 г.

6 Years Durch Den Monsun

Today is a great day! 6 years ago one german band had started its long road to fame. Their first single Durch den Monsun was released  on August,15 in 2005. Could they even imagine that millions of their fans will celebrate their birthday 6 years later?! 
They have been staying in our hearts for long long 6 years. Together with them we came through rainy & shiny days, through all that barriers on a way to happiness & world fame. So now our favourite band is standing on the top of the world, on the top of their dreams & we hope on the top of their happiness. Today we wish them a lot of inspiration to create magnificent music that is born in their souls, hearts & minds coz music is that language that their hearts speak to us, to the world. Wish them faithful fans who will bring them many many new worthy nominations & victories, wish them to take their first but not the last Grammy. Wish them to develop as personalities & musicians. We wish them to stay one of the best band of nowadays for a very long time. Wish to put them in a book of infinity & world music history...We wish you guyz, making music will bring you a lot of pleasure for many years & in all hard times all your true fans will be always by your side!
P.S. Some people would say that this 6th year hadn't been as full of events, news,etc. as 2010 was, but we have not to forget that exactly this year Tokio had finally landed in Tokyo and not just 1 time...And it means that guys had reached their goal, had fulfilled that wish, which they could only dream of 6 years ago...We are very happy for the boys and we want to thank them for the inspiration they give millions of people& for breathing life into millions of hearts...
So keep on staying true to yourself & continue making such breathtaking, touching & mesmerizing music! Happy birthday to you guyz! Happy 6th Birthday to Tokio Hotel ! <3

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