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воскресенье, 10 июля 2011 г.

The best coffee houses in the world

There is smth tempting in these places, we would like to feel this atmoshere. It would be great to visit once all these coffee houses.

1. Queen's Lane Coffee House, Oxford, England

Queen’s Lane Coffee House is considered to be the oldest coffee house in England, and maybe in whole Europe. It was opened in the middle of 17th century, shortly after coffee had become a vogue in Great Britain. Oxford had been a center of everything  new, so the first coffee house had been opened exactly there. Although there's nothing from old good England in this place nowadays, but still they brew here aromatic and delicious coffee, as it's expected.

2. Antico Саffe Greco, Rome, Italy

Antico Саffe Greco on Via Condotti in Rome is one of the oldest coffee houses in the world and it's the oldest in Eternal city. This cafe was founded in 1756. It's owner-greek succeeded because of serving strong coffee in tiny cups.

3. Florian, Venice, Italy

"Florian" is one of the oldest cafes in Venice. It was opened in 1720 & nowadays it's one of the Venice's symbols. People come to this cafe on San-Marco square to watch the sunset and to drink some coffee.

4. Closerie des Lilas, Paris, France

The whole history of the world's culture can be studied with a help of cafes in Paris: there were gathering impessionists in one, there was born a new wave of cinematograph in another, there were sitting some revolutionists in third. The name of Closerie des Lilas cafe on Monparnas boulevard had been written  in the history of 20th cenrury literature .

 5. El Fishawy, Cairo, Egypt

One of the oldest in Cairo for the past 200 ages, this cafe had never been closed even for a day. Nothing has been changed for 2 centuries, except juices added in menu for tourists. But the majority still order the strongest and the sweetest coffee with cardamon, mint tea & carcade.

6. Demel, Vienna, Austria

Demel - a famous Viennese pastry-shop, located on Kohlmarkt str. in Inner city. Right here there was devised famous cake "Sacher", and for a several centuries  Demel & Sacher families had been fighting in "confectionery-wars" because of it. However this war had already stopped, Sacher decorate their desserts with a rounded print, Demel - with a triangle, and vienesse people keep on arguing whose cake is more proper.

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