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Liebe sucht Alien

понедельник, 11 июля 2011 г.

Let's get lost xD

Once upon a time, it was shiny summer day, birds were singing, little fluffy squirrels were jumping from one tree to another, flowers were blooming and we were heading to the cinema...We were a lil bit late and so we decided to shorten the long road and to go through the yards. At the beginning we knew which way we're going and then suddenly we got lost, as we found ourselves in the yard surrounded by huge grey old waaaalll... 
And we had no time to go back to the main familiar road, so we decided to climb over this creepy wall. It would be all ok and adventure would be over, but we saw suddenly that we had entered prohibited zone and moreover we were so f*cking 'lucky' to get to the military headquorters, ha-ha...
And we are not joking now, it was for r.e.a.l., we were really freaked out when we realized where we turned out to be 
and we were so eager to get the f*ck out of there but we didn't know where to we were lost again on the "enemy's side" X_x 
But we just were going & going, led by intuition, and at the end of another road we finally found check-point and we escaped this territory sighing free...and only after that mission was complete and we made it to the cinema x))) 
Very happy and very end. 

PS. By the way, all this happened today))

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